The next TCLUG meeting is coming soon!

Adam Monsen will present:
Selenium: Elegant Automated Web Testing For Anyone!

 Date: Wed, Sept 24th
 Time: 6:30 - 8:00 pm
 University of Minnesota Minneapolis campus, EE/CSci Building , Room: 3-115
 200 Union St SE, Minneapolis 55455

"If you've used a Web browser, you've encountered broken Web sites. But
this scourge can and must end! Enter Selenium. This tool will make
sure your Web site works the way it should, always. Watch your Web browser 
jump through hoops, doing your work for you,faster and more accurately than a 
human could."

Come watch live demos of on-the-fly Web development and automated testing.

About the Speaker:

Adam Monsen is a software engineer with an intense desire to help lift people
out of poverty by engineering robust and efficient Free and Open Source
Software. He is a GNU/Linux enthusiast, a horrible poker player, and enjoys
cheesy classic Sci-Fi movies.

Adam works at the Grameen Foundation and computer science graduate student at
the University of Minnesota. Adam has experience in Web development,
eCommerce, and avionics systems programming.