The next TCLUG meeting is Tue Jan 20th!

UofM EE/Csci Building Room #3-125 

Adam will be talking about Version Control:

    18.2 Reasons Why You Can't Live Without Version Control

    first principles, tips, and tricks of version control by
    example using Subversion

    Whether you're a non-techie, brand-spanking-new to the
    command line or a wizened kung-fu coder, you can benefit from
    version control. Come learn skills that will propel you from
    beginner to hardened veteran! Come meet talented and
    lively members of the Twin Cities Linux User Group! Live
    demonstrations will be shown using the Subversion version
    control system, but the concepts are portable to other
    version control systems.

    Adam Monsen is a software engineer with an intense desire to
    help lift people out of poverty by engineering robust and
    efficient Free and Open Source Software. He is a GNU/Linux
    enthusiast and he enjoys cheesy classic Sci-Fi movies.

    Adam works at the Grameen Foundation USA on software to help
    banks manage microloans. He is also a computer science
    graduate student at the University of Minnesota.

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